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Thanks so much for running a Mi Little Pad Club at your school. Your register is automatically updated every 5 minutes and available to view/download below. All you have to do is log in using your Club ID and Password.

Also, don't forget that every week there is a quick build for your group to have a go at. Take a photo of the best one and upload it here so parents can vote for it in our national schools competition. 

To access the number of children that signed up to our Summer Challenge club form your school, click the link below and log in with the details we've sent to you.

If your school has a Minecraft club, the details may have only gone to the TA of that club but the payment will need to be divided between all TA's over Mi Little Pad, Kids With Bricks and Artikids Clubs.

The register will show a 'Total Cost' for each ticket. This will need to be added together and then 25% of this calculated and that split between all applicable TAs

If you receive the message 'No records found' this means there have not been any bookings.

If the Login window does not load, please Click Here to use the alternative login page

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