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Once you've decided to move forward with your club we've found these standard 'next steps' to be really useful:

1. If you could ask the member of staff running the club to go to our website and click on ‘new staff registration’ in the menu at the top. The password is WOOZAL (in caps) and if they could then fill in their details so we can pay them and get in touch to provide training etc.

Once they have signed up, they should automatically receive several introductory emails over the next few days, including one with links to our training videos. If these are not received, please ask the club leader to check their spam folder. If they are still not received please ask the club leader to contact us as soon as possible.

2. You need to sign and return our ‘service level agreement’ (attached).

3. I will arrange to DHL  a router and some other resources to the school  - the router is only for tablets.

4. You will need to install Minecraft on 15 of your tablets/PCs (you then invoice us for the total amount) - the 15 licenses on PCs are if you are running Windows 10. Once purchased, send the invoice to and we will reimburse you.

5. You will need to tell us:

• The day of your club

• The timings start and finish of your club

• The exact dates for the next half term that you will be holding your club

This is so we can get letters over to you for parents and set up the online booking.

That’s about it for now!..don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Daniels

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