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Frequently Asked Questions



We’ve had a LOT of interest in our after school clubs and with interest… comes questions! To save a little time (for me! Ha) I’ve put together some frequently asked questions…so here we go:



Q.    Do you really buy Minecraft licenses for the schools who run your clubs?..And how does that work?!

A.    YES! We buy up to 15 Minecraft pocket edition licenses to run on the school iPads or if your ICT room is running Windows 10 we will buy you Minecraft Education edition for your computers. Typically schools have to sort out their own purchase and installation of the apps and they then invoice us for the total amount.

Q.    Can we join at any time during the school year?

A.    YES. We deliver 6 distinct schemes of work throughout the course of the academic year so you can basically get involved at the start of any half term.

Q.    Can children bring their own tablets?

A.    From our point of view yes that’s no problem! Every school has their own view on this however. The schools that do allow this generally have a box in the school office where the tablets are kept during the day and the children pick them up for the club.

Q.     What about e-safety?

A.     We provide each school with a specially configured wireless router that enables the children to join worlds without going online.



Q.    Do I need to be great at Minecraft or computers?

A.    Absolutely not. The club is so easy to run and full training and support is provided. 


Robin Daniels

01633 383211 option 1

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