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Following the success of your current club, why not introduce an additional, different club to your school? 

All of our clubs offer the same structured approach that you know and love. Building and creating is used as a vehicle to learn about a wide range of fun topics. The content is introduced by video, written schemes of work back this up...and of course there is an inter school competition!

Additional skills for students!

This is an ideal club for children from year 2 up to about year 6. It develops IT skills, collaboration skills while all the time learning in a hands on way. 

As with all our clubs, the focus is on creative engagement and learning new skills in a fun and friendly environment.

This club is particularly good for developing a respect for other children's digital work.


How it works

The club is delivered in exactly the same way as your Kids With Bricks Club right down the the Quick Builds at the start. The children produce some fantastic creations and are now free to use the unlimited building blocks now available to them in Minecraft! Photos of the best builds are sent in the usual way for the inter school competition.

Working together

We supply a special router so that the children can join worlds and work together on projects. They get to see their friends actually in their game as they build together.

Free Minecraft Licenses for the school!

One of the big bonuses of this club is that we buy Minecraft licenses for the school that can be used in lessons as well as in the after school club!



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