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Summer 2 tickets are now live!

Inter School Competition


Each week all our after school creative clubs start with a quick build competition based on the term's theme. The students have great fun coming up with their quick creations and choosing who should be the winner from the club.


The chosen winner from each school is then published on our website each week for parents, teachers and children to vote on!


The winner each week from all the schools around the country earn points for our school leaderboard.

A warm welcome back to all our teaching staff!

So glad to be getting back to it as more and more of our schools are restarting their after school clubs. Be sure to get in touch with your club dates for the summer term 2024 so we can get your clubs online and available for parents to book.

The MLP team

If you are a parent and new to our company..welcome also!


We run after school creative clubs in schools throughout the UK. Children can use our tablets or bring their own to take part in an hour or two of constructive fun. Our weekly inter-school competition is now also well don't forget to vote each week for your favourite!​


Is Your School Up To The Challenge?!


As the largest provider of after school creative clubs in the country we are able to offer a number of exciting features that literally no one else can!


Things like:


A massive inter-school weekly competition with great prizes!

Exciting YouTube channel with videos every week showcasing the childrens' work!

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To our 2023 National Competition winner!


Glasllwch Primary School

Well done also to....


Gillingham Primary

Hilldene Primary


We can't wait to see even more amazing builds this year!

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